- Revision of tender documentation for the building project - Search for saving in the sheathing supply - Precise control budget for the sheathing supply - Technical support during the tenders - Proposal of contract requirements for negotiations with sheathing suppliers - Check and processing of the comments to the supplier’s production documentation - Consultations with the client - Sampling and revision installed samples on building site - Regular check of the sheathing implementation at the building site

Provision of the required samples for illustrative presentation with the aim to approve the type of construction, materials and technologies (alternatively), provision of real-size samples, verification of the installed reference sample provided by the supplier at the building site, presentation of completed buildings as a part of sampling. Performance of production and assembly works is assessed before the sample is approved by the client ordering the sheathing from the supplier.

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eOKNA - Professional counselling in the field of building fillers/sheathing
Sampling and revision installed samples on building site