- Revision of tender documentation for the building project - Search for saving in the sheathing supply - Precise control budget for the sheathing supply - Technical support during the tenders - Proposal of contract requirements for negotiations with sheathing suppliers - Check and processing of the comments to the supplier’s production documentation - Consultations with the client - Sampling and revision installed samples on building site - Regular check of the sheathing implementation at the building site

The precise control budget for the sheathing supply completed according to the final technical project and design/tender sheathing documentation. These activities will result in a calculation table containing individual items and disclosing information on the prices of material, overhead costs, assembly, etc. This table will inform the client on the minimum price reduction that can be obtained from the supplier during the tender and show him the unit prices of material proposed by the sheathing/filler suppliers, prices reductions, labour price, or the income rate.


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Precise control budget for the sheathing supply